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Terms & Conditions

Course enrolments can be made at reception, phone or online registration. All bookings will be managed online as one booking per student. Students will be emailed and posted course accounts after enrolment. Conformation of booking will be sent when full payment is received.

Course Conditions
Access to all courses is subject to:
•    Course fees being paid before start of course
•    Student prerequisite requirements met
•    Sufficient enrolments in courses

Refund Policy
A full refund will be given if:
•    We cancel your course
•    If you give more than 5 working days notice
A $50* administration fee will be deducted:
•    If you give less than 5 working days notice
Transfer of your booking is available given 5 working days notice, less than 5 working days will incur a $50* administration fee. *25% for all Sail Cruise Scheme courses.

Minimum and Maximum Class Size
Courses other than Private lessons and Charters have minimum and maximum student enrolment requirements. Minimum and maximum student enrolment numbers are available from the website and by request at reception. Courses that do not reach minimum numbers 14 days before sail will be cancelled with due notice given. If a course reaches maximum numbers places will be issued by first enrolment date.

Code of Conduct
The CYCSA Marine Academy has policies and management practices to maintain a high professional standard in the delivery of our courses. Instructors provide encouragement and support to all participants. Students are responsible to maintain satisfactory progress in their training. However if you exhibit behaviour which is disruptive, inappropriate of disturbing to other students and/or the instructor you maybe asked to leave the course or consulted by the Principal to seek a solution or offered another course which is being conducted by another instructor. Complaints and Grievance policy is available on our website and by request at reception.

Instructors Decisions and Cancelations
The instructor’s decision is final at all times on CYCSA property or yachts. All students will accept orders and decisions given to them by the instructor at all times while on board CYCSA yachts and ashore. The instructor shall take any action or decision he considers fit for the well being of the crew and vessel. Due to the nature of training and the dependence on suitable weather conditions the CYCSA reserves the right to cancel and/or postpone courses or part thereof and re-schedule on another date. In the event of the CYCSA cancelling a course without offering alternatives then a full refund will be paid and no further liability shall be incurred by the CYCSA.

The student acknowledges and agrees that the fees for the course may include limited personal injury insurance cover. All yachts, instructors and the CYCSA have appropriate professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover. The student may, in his/her own interest view the full policy wording at Students are encouraged to seek their own insurance for a more comprehensive cover.

All participants will be made aware of the risks associated with on water activities before going to sea. All students take part in the course at their own risk. The CYCSA shall not be held liable for death, personal injury, loss or damage to property howsoever arising to the full extent permitted by state law and equity. Breakages and damage should be notified immediately to the skipper. Students may be liable for any loss or damage to CYCSA equipment, up to and including the first $200 per item. No liability of personal items is accepted for students belongings whilst in or on any CYCSA property, yachts, pontoon or whilst boarding yachts.