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International Certificate of Competence

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What is an ICC?

Many European countries require the skipper of a pleasure craft to provide evidence of his or her competence in the form of an International Certificate of Competence (ICC). The ICC allows the holder to voyage internationally, however this is not an alternative to a National Qualification and its validity is determined by the country visited.

While the requirements vary from country to country, the ICC is recognised to a greater or lesser extent throughout the European Union. It is of particular importance if you are chartering a vessel in a foreign country, or using the European inland waterways. In northern European coastal waters, the ICC is not usually required. However, there are variations meaning that you should always check what is
acceptable in foreign states before you go.

How to Gain an ICC?
To gain an ICC you will need to prove your competence by completing a practical and theory assessment for the category of ICC required. This test can be undertaken with the CYCSA Marine Academy on our training vessel Academy 1 or your own boat. (Note that if using your boat, the boat owner or candidate being tested is responsible for the vessel at all times and the vessel must be insured. All testers are current Yachting Australia Instructors who have limited Insurance through their membership for the delivery of training.

ICC Guidelines
ICC Application Form

For more information please contact David Royle on 8248 4222 /

Please note that the CYCSA Marine Academy currently only offers ICC certificates for yachts, not powerboats.

Categories of ICC

The assessment you take should be relevant to the type of boat you plan to use and the type of waters you intend  to enter. The ICC can be valid for:
1. Coastal Waters
2. Inland Waters (Click here for more information)
3. Powerboats up to 10 metres LOA
4. Powerboats from 10m LOA and over
5. Sailing boats
6. Personal Watercraft

It should also be noted that the ICC does not replace the need to comply with any manning requirements imposed by the country in which the boat is registered, wherever in teh world the boat may be. Where evidence of competence is required by the country of registration, pleasure boaters must comply with the regulations of both the country of registration (the Flag State) and the requirements of the visited country (the Coastal State).

NOTE: The RYA cannot process ICC applications for any citizens of the 57 UNECE countries unless you are a UK resident. A full list of these countries can be found on the flow chart below. Please ensure you are eligible before arranging to take the test or ask your Training Centre to confirm this.

Once you have booked a test you will need to ensure you turn up on the day with your Passport, payment details, a passport photograph and then you will need to complete an ICC Application Form, which can be found below. The Tester will sign the completed form and send it with a copy of your passport and photograph for processing to Yachting Australia. Your ICC Certificate will be sent directly to the address on the form. Processing times vary so you should allow up to six weeks for normal post and if opting of the fast track service allow approximately 3 weeks.

The cost of testing is separate to the fee for issue of a certificate. The cost of the ICC certificate is currently $90 (*July 2012) and is payable to Yachting Australia. An additional fee of $40 can be paid to ‘fast track’ the application. This will enable you to receive an electronic copy of the certificate in a matter of days prior to receiving the hard copy by mail. 

ICC Application Form