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RYA Sail Cruising Scheme

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and Yachting Australia (YA) has formed a partnership to deliver the RYA Sail Cruising Scheme in Australia. With this parntnership the RYA/YA training program provides international recognition of qualifications.

 RYA Practical Courses  
  Start Yachting - Learn how to sail and experience hands on practice in a safe and fun environment. The emphasis of all our practical courses is learning about sailing by going on the water. Opportunity to practice skills and concepts of sailing is how we create successful students.
  Competent Crew - This extensive course is designed to make you a become a valued and valuable crew member. Upon completion of the course you will be capable of steering a course, handling sails, keeping a lookout with basic navigation skills and assisting in daily routines. The course is run as a Live Aboard course so expect to visit some interesting and memorable places on your journey!
  Day Skipper - Take charge, plan passages and direct the crew to successfully sail a yacht from port to port. You will learn how to prepare the boat to go sailing and initiate a trip plan. Become confident and complete manoeuvres at the helm including tacking and gybing in a variety of conditions to demonstrate wind awareness and steer the yacht on all points of sail.
  International Certificate of Competency - If you are planning to charter a yacht overseas then this document is a must. The International Certificate of Competency (ICC) is an internationally-recognised document that is increasingly being called for by charter companies as evidence of yachting competence.
 RYA Theory Courses
  Essential Navigation and Safety - An introduction to the basic theoretical knowledge required to take a boat to sea including; navigation, weather, rules of the road, safety and passage planning. This course will soon be available online. Please contact the Marine Academy for more information. 
  Day Skipper Theory - A comprehensive introduction to boating theory to support the skills required to complete our practical courses. The full Day Skipper Theory Course has been broken into two manageable parts ‘Navigation’ and ‘Seamanship & Safety’ and is run on a weeknight in our training room.