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Discover Sailing

Experience and learn to sail at Adelaide's leading Discover Sailing training centre. The Marine Academy makes learning to sail easy! It is challenging for new people to understand where to start, complexities of courses and range of opportunities available to new sailors makes learning to sail intimidating but like everything new you just need to get involved!

The best way to start learning to sail is through a Discover Sailing Course.

So come join us and enjoy being out on the water with our helpful and passionate qualified instructors for an addictive sailing experience. Enjoy two and a half hours of hands on sailing to get a taste of what this great sport has to offer.

Discover Sailing Features
  - Two and a half hour learn to sail experience sailing in South Australia's pristine Gulf St Vincent.
  - Learn how a sailing boat works, including basic boat parts, hoisting/trimming sails and steering the boat.
  - Discounts on future courses.
  - All safety equipment provided.

No prior experience required!

Discover Sailing Equipment and Facilities
  - Academy 1, the Marine Academy's flagship training yacht (Farr designed 11.6m).

  - Royal Yachting Association qualified instructor and all safety gear.

  - The Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia, North Haven. 

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