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Competent Crew

This extensive course is designed to make you a become a valued and valuable crew member. Upon completion of the course you will be capable of steering a course, handling sails, keeping a lookout with basic navigation skills and assisting in daily routines. The course is run as a Live Aboard course so expect to visit some interesting and memorable places on your journey!     

Our Competent Crew course is a sail training holiday incorporating some of the best destinations Adelaide can offer!

Competent Crew Features

5 Day course to learn and practice the skills of sailing from our clubs base at North Haven. Incorporating sailing in the pristine Gulf St Vincent, our marina at Port Vincent located on the other side of the Gulf and a number of other safe harbours around Adelaide dependent on weather. Competent Crew RYA student pack including logbook. Learn the skills of sail cruising through living aboard. Understand how to prepare the boat to go sailing and plan a trip. Complete manovoures as part of the crew including tacking and gybing. Develop wind awareness and steer the yacht on all points of sail. Meet new people and share sailing experiences. Full details of the course can be found here

Competent Crew Prerequisites

   - Whilst there is no compulsory prerequisites for the course, if you have done little previous sailing we would recommend that you undertake the Start Yachting course beforehand.

Equipment and Facilities for the Course:

   - Academy 1, the Marine Academy's flagship training yacht (Farr designed 11.6m).
   - Most lunches, breakfasts and dinners - dependent on course structure.
   - All safety gear including Personal Flotation Device.
   - Wet weather gear available for free loan.
   - The Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia, Marina East at North Haven and Port Vincent Marina.
   - Kinnaird Room, the Marine Academy's purpose built training room.

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